Healthcare Services

  • Medical Evacuation Solutions

    Aspen Medical operates a range of fixed and rotary Aeromedical Evacuation (AME) aircraft in Australia, Asia and the Pacific.

    Aspen Medical’s unique service provides a complete healthcare solution that covers all medical and aviation requirements to provide a complete, integrated and holistic aeromedical service unparalleled in the region. Aspen Medical’s ability to select the most appropriate medical solution to suit the changing requirements of the customer means that the best medical solution is always present. Patient care is paramount, and Aspen Medical has the flexibility to ensure that a changing environment is always addressed to provide the highest level of patient care.

    Aspen’s AME teams are composed of experienced specialist doctors, nurses and paramedics. Our paramedics are aviation certified and qualified in extracting patients from unusual environments. Our stretcher modules are approved by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) to maximise in-flight safety without compromising clinical care and the equipment is compatible with domestic arrangements to allow smooth interface throughout the medical retrieval.

    • Critical care teams selection, credentialing, State registration, provision and operation;
    • Medical Equipment and drugs provision and management;
    • All insurances, including Medical Indemnity, aircraft and professional liability;
    • Bedside care and handover;
    • Hospital selection and admission privileges for all Aspen Medical AME staff;
    • Aircraft selection, engagement and operation;
    • Ground and air transport arrangements;
    • Accommodation arrangements, and
    • Customs and immigration services.

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  • Government Health Programs

    Aspen Medical offers strategic clinical, operational and disaster planning services to hospitals and health systems, nursing homes, physicians, and other healthcare providers. Our broad range of skills and experience enables us to quickly provide clients with a focus towards expanded services, improved operations, assured compliance and enhanced profitability.

    Aspen has been engaged by an impressive and diverse list of government clients in Australia and worldwide. Aspen partners with government and operates projects that specialise in Indigenous Health, Rural and Remote Health and Health Deployments.

    Our Government Health Programmes are delivered using Aspen’s unique project management model which provides for project planning, analysis, evaluation and operational implementation leading to commencement of operations. This involves stakeholder planning sessions, initial requirements definition, specification development and feasibility assessments. The planning phase is followed through with processes uniquely devised for individual programmes. This process usually includes

    • project management
    • schedule management
    • IT architecture and infrastructure design and implementation
    • evaluation of staffing patterns and patient acuity levels
    • nursing care model design
    • competency development
    • operational analyses
    • facility development and implementation
    • financial model design and implementation
    • staff recruitment and training requirements 

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  • Environmental & Public Health

    Aspen Medical understands the importance of creating and maintaining environments which promote good public health. These services are fundamental in limiting the spread of disease. Environmental Health assessment is vitally important in remote or challenging environments where environmen¬tal health services are non-existent or under resourced. Our past experience is that clients have chosen to introduce Environmental Health Services as a form of active prevention. 

    Aspen Medical can provide a range of preventative medicine based programs and consult in a wide variety of public health areas while providing you a holistic health support service. We specialise in providing the following environmental & public health services

    Local Community Health Services, including capacity building, health testing and monitoring.

    Water quality monitoring - specialist in setting up deployable field laboratory and development of water safety risk management programs.

    Pest and Vector Bourne disease management- specialist in the management and implementation of integrated mosquito control programs

    Food safety and quality assurance monitoring- specialist in quality assurance and compliance with safety standards.

    • Environmental Hazards Management – e.g. Asbestos
    • Environmental Risk Assessment 
    • Communicable disease outbreak investigation and prevention programs and infection control
    • Health promotion and education
    • Dangerous goods safety management
    • Disaster response and recovery
    • Vector and pest management
    • Water Quality Testing & Reporting
    • Food Quality Testing& Reporting
    • Hygiene assessment

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  • Occupational Health

    Aspen’s Occupational Health services are centred on proactive healthcare initiatives as wells as employee support and consultation. Aspen’s highly qualified medical personnel are engaged to provide a holistic approach to healthcare. Aspen conducts wellness programs and advice including toolbox talks and specialised presentations as requested.

    • Psychological profiling & mental health assessments and counselling
    • Fitness and nutrition guidance
    • Injury rehabilitation
    • Executive Health Checks, including guidance, monitoring & return to work plans
    • Pre and post-employment medical assessments
    • Specialized medicals, such as aviation and underwater
    • Alcohol, Drug and Illegal Substance testing
    • Ergonomic assessments
    • Health and wellbeing consultation
    • On-site medical case management
    • Health monitoring and health surveillance
    • Injury assessment and management
    • Travel medicine, including checks, advice and pharmaceuticals
    • Vaccinations delivery and programme development     

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  • Training

    Aspen Medical is a Registered Training Organisation that has qualified staff able to provide certified education which is acknowledged by a number of professional colleges including:

    • The Royal Australian College of General Practitioner Quality and Continuing Professional Development Training
    • The Royal College of Nursing Australia Continuing Nursing Education training.
    • The Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine

    Aspen is also experienced in providing cultural orientation training and handbooks as an introduction to medical practitioners working with, and living in, remote Aboriginal communities. In addition Aspen provides rural and remote deployment training.

    Our Experience

    • Emergency Response Training to the Australian Defence Force
    • Aero Medical Evacuation Training to the United Nations Mission In Timor
    • Mass Casualty Training to the Australian Defence Force
    • Annual Competency Training (for Doctors, Dentists and Nurses)
    • Resuscitation Training in accordance with American Trauma Life Support Guidelines

    Our Scope

    Aspen Medical can tailor courses to meet the specific needs of your organisation. Current courses include:

    • Mass casualty scenario training – ½ day sessions of mass casualty scenarios and management;
    • Disaster management planning and training (desktop scenarios and real time training exercises) – 3 day or tailored course;
    • Mandatory training for Doctors, Dentists and Nurses – 1 day CPR and manual handling course;
    • Paramedical Training – up skilling or basic paramedic skills; and
    • Aero Medical Evacuation Training – 5 day initial training course.
    • Staff awareness toolbox training.

    Aspen Medical has a range of e-health tools available to suit single users and State-based health services. Some of these tools are listed below.

    1. Second Opinion – e-Health

    This product allows the user to access the leading specialists in the world, from the safety and comfort of their own homes. Aspen Medical has an alliance with Worldcare, the commercial arm of four of the top six hospitals in the USA, to access their specialists in the provision of these services.

    These hospitals include:
    • Massachusetts General Hospital
    • Duke Medicine
    • Brigham and Women’s Hospital
    • UCLA Healthcare
    • Mayo Clinic
    • Children’s Hospital Boston.

    This teleconferencing service enables medical professionals on site to link up in a live virtual meeting with suitable remote medical expertise via their Internet-connected computers. The local medical representative uses voice-over-IP to describe the patient’s condition and simultaneously broadcast a live video stream of relevant symptoms. The remote medical professional listens to and views this information live on their computer and provides immediate treatment advice within the same virtual session, again using the voice-video link. The intuitive, easy to use virtual conferencing application will also enable:

    • the sharing of electronic documents and images within the same live session
    • the markup of materials to highlight particular features, for example, an X-ray image
    • participation by others within the same live session
    • a range of tools for the session leader to manage and receive feedback from larger online groups
    • immediate access to a recording of the live session which may be used for reference, clinical governance and training purposes
    • reporting on service usage

    Aspen’s Medical staff access the service via their web browser on an Internet-connected and sound equipped computer. Aspen Medical professionals typically use audio headsets to hear and speak during a session, thus ensuring the privacy of the patient and their relevant information. Video conferencing capability can be added by attaching a suitable web cam or other compatible video device to the computer.

    This tool offers customers a real-time collaboration and communication environment designed to meet the scalability, security, integration and globalization requirements of major remotely located organizations that require medical services to maximize the efficiency of their organization. Already, more than 1,100 global corporations, government agencies and universities worldwide have chosen the platform as their preferred solution for their real-time collaboration needs. Over 3 million people have used the platform to dramatically improve their collaboration and skill development programs within their organisation.

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  • Health Support Projects

    Aspen Medical provides full clinical or surgical teams, or the components of those teams, to conduct surgical procedures or out-patient clinics in your facilities. This would allow the closest possible level of integration with your local health economy, whilst ensuring minimal disruption to your patients.

    • Reduction in surgical waiting list
    • Reduction in dental waiting lists
    • In-demand support
    • Waiting list for Outpatient clinics
    • Creation of new workflows for surgery and patient management
    • Establishment or re-establishment of a department (such as an Emergency Department) after a significant disruption
    • Creation of specific medical facilities (such as Fever Clinics)
    • Special event health support

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  • Medical Services Delivery

    Medical facilities and Equipment

    • Creation of purpose built medical facilities
    • Provision of mobile and relocatable medical facilities
    • Design and fit out of medical facilities
    • Operations and maintenance of medical facilities
    • All necessary medical and healthcare equipment, including maintenance and calibration
    • All ambulance system design and establishment services and then operating the service
    • Arranging the transport and installation of mobile medical facilities


    Aspen Medical has grown an extensive, strong and reliable base of health professionals, ranging from: specialists; general practitioners; nursing and dental staff; to theatre technicians and para-medics and physiotherapists. Aspen Medical has selected these professionals because of their experience, skills and cultural sensitivity.

    Aspen Medical has a broad range of medical staff around the world, and maintains a list of staff, ready for activation for dispatch to the areas of greatest international medical need. This support can be provided for periods as brief as a week to long-term placements.

    Medicines and Consumables

    • Provision of medicine
    • Provision of all consumables and pharmaceuticals, including all relevant licences and approvals
    • Establishment of blood supply facilities, be it through an approved supply or through the establishment of an Emergency Donor Panel
    • Dispensing of medicines

    Logistics Support

    An integral component of health care delivery is the provision of logistics services to ensure the efficient and effective operations of the medical operation. Aspen Medical provides logistics support from the development stage through to implementation and management. Aspen works with customers to establish well-designed, operated and maintained facilities.

    Patient Management Practices

    Aspen Medical has developed a detailed roll out methodology for firstly engaging all staff and other relevant stakeholders in the management practices, and then for establishing these practices in the new organisation in the most inclusive and consultative manner possible. This ensures that not only is there little resistance to the introduction of new patient management practices; there is active engagement by all stakeholders.

    Aspen Medical has built its business on the ability to develop, manage and continuously refine its patient management practices. Aspen has therefore developed highly efficient patient pathways that satisfy both the business requirements and patient healthcare needs. Aspen can provide, or specially develop, tailored patient management systems, and institute these practices into a new or pre-existing organisation or facility. These practices cover both the organisational and clinical aspects of the patient pathways, and include:

    • Identification of the necessary principles and standards
    • Patient identification methodologies
    • Pre-operative assessment procedures
    • Discharge planning
    • Peri-operative measures
    • Post-operative actions
    • Follow-up and rehabilitation requirements.

    Remote Clinical Service Delivery

    Traditionally clinical governance was the remit of a hospital to try and ensure doctors worked within their scope of practice.  Aspen has taken the principles of clinical governance and developed a framework relevant to remote location clinical service delivery.  This level of clinical oversight sets Aspen apart from other health providers who rely upon an unregulated market for remote area paramedics.

    Auxiliary Health Services

    Aspen Medical has identified that auxiliary health services are essential in providing holistic medical services, particularly in remote or medically under resourced communities. These specialised services can include, but are not limited to:

    • Women’s Health
    • Dental Services
    • Paediatric Services
    • Pathology Services
    • Counselling Capabilities, including grief, separation and bereavement
    • Physiotherapy Services
    • Radiology Capabilities
    • Ultrasonography Services   

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